Kairouan Carpets are becoming more and more demanding abroad.

2/8/2019 6:52 AM

The production of Tunisian handicrafts, particularly of carpets, registered in Kairouan an increase of 71% compared to last year, according to the regional crafts commissioner, Tarek Néji.


Carpet exports, also, have boosted from 5% to 10% over the same period, as stated by Mr Tarek Négi on the Regional Crafts Fair ( from December 21st to 31st) at the Village of Handicrafts in Barouta.


The sector has witnessed a revival due to the resumption of tourism activities, the improvement of the quality of Tunisian handicrafts as well as the five-year strategy implemented for the period between 2018-2022. This plan,in fact, aims at increasing the contribution of crafts to local development, promoting quality and develop the savoir-faire, he said.


More than 30 craftsmen, representing various specialties, participated in the fair, which was attended by members of the Tunisian-Saudi group supporting the craftsman. The group members expressed their willingness to involve artisans from the region  in trade fairs abroad to help them promote for their products , the crafts commissioner stated.


Kairouan occupies the first place nationwide in carpet and Magroum manufacturing, an activity that employs 7000 artisans out of a total of 15 thousand professionals in the region.


The article is taken from Web Manager Center and is translated from French to English by Maroua Mejri.

Source:   https://www.webmanagercenter.com/2019/01/02/429243/les-tapis-de-kairouan-de-plus-en-plus-prises-a-letranger/


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