Sidi Bou Said Cage: A Witness of Tunisian Authenticity

6/12/2018 2:08 AM

ville sidi bou said tunisia

Sidi Bou Said is a well-known touristic village. Indeed, it is the copy of the blue town Santorini of Greece. This small village is located on top of a cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.  Sidi Bou Said was named after a religious figure named Sidi Bou Said Elbeji.


It is very known with its popular traditional Tunisian crafts. The Sidi Bou Said Bird’s cage represents the emblem of this phenomenal place. The history of this famous cage dates back to 1885, it was invented by a craftsman called Said Samouda in the Medina of Tunis. Then his grand son moved in Sidi Bou Said and gave this piece of art its international popularity and its famous name as “Sidi Bou Said” cage.

This cage is hand-made by skillful craftsmen. It is on of the most traditional items which are linked with this touristic place. The shape of the cage is very unique. It is curvy with S shape and straight lines made of iron with its wooden base, colored white and blue reflecting in harmony the blue and white colored houses in the small village of Sidi Bou Said.

This wonderful item, which is a proud symbol of Tunisian traditional heritage comes with various sizes according to customers’ order.  It can be hanged on the wall or on the roof and add an aesthetic dimension and a lasting souvenir of this magical village. If you own a bird or many birds, this hand-crafted cage is a very comfortable home for these adorable feathery pets. The traditional cage’s price is quite reasonable, taking into consideration that is hand-crafted by skillful artisans and its high quality. 

natural wood bird cage sidi bou said