Tunisia is second in Africa and 24th worldwide in terms of Organic Farming Areas out of 141 countries

9/19/2018 6:41 AM

Tunisian organic products were able to secure, with flying colours, recognition on the European Union market, deemed one of the most demanding in the world.

Tunisia naturally managed to access they select club of countries accredited as organic exporters to the EU market. Moreover, it is recognized at an “equivalent” level with the European Union and Switzerland in terms of organic production, an exclusive distinction for an African country. It also benefits from recognition of the Swiss Confederation in terms of organic products control system. All these factors allowed Tunisia to acquire considerable knowledge and to climb substantially in the value chain of the organic channel which has become a prime export “industry” .

tunisia agroalimentary

60 products exported

About 80% of the production is intended for export as we see more than 60 products exported to 5 contients.

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