Crafts culture and handmade expertise in Tunisia

11/25/2017 2:43 AM

Handicrafts in the Tunisian economy

With its distribution on the tunisian territory, handicraft sector represents a widely spreaded activity employing more than 300.000 artisans, due to the necessity of products made to the everyday life of consumers and to its oldness as an industry, the handicrafts sector contributes to 4% of the tunisian GDP making of it a very important sector in the tunisian economy. Cumulated Traditions, manual dexterity and creative intelligence merge and flow into the product of craftsmanship.


Impregnated with cultural values and civilizational additions, Handcrafted Products whether decorative or utilitarian, traditional or modern, has a notable presence in everyday life. Knowledge and techniques Materials, techniques and forms of the product of craftsmanship have always been reviewed and updated by creative artisans, allowing it to preserve the place that was its own in interior architecture, decoration, domestic furnishings, as well as in the field of dress accessories.

The Tunisian handicrafts offer a range of trades divided into sectors. Animal or plant fibers, wood, metal, glass, clay or stone, the product of craftsmanship has always adapted to the motivations and cultural and everyday needs that define its real function and its true value. The multiplicity and importance of human needs justify the diversity and abundance of craft products available in the souks consisting of "hanuts" all identical and stalls arranged in the same way.

Souks The Tunisian souks of cities and villages are known worldwide for their feverishness, their atmosphere and animation that have always prevailed. Today, again, when you cross the souks, through the streets of the Tunisian medina, you will feel the desire to enter a fantasy world of history and dreams; known throughout reviews for its sounds, smells and colors, and being the conjunction of the past, the present and the future.

Improvement and Innovation The Tunisian handicrafts has found its way between tradition and modernity thanks to the state actions added to creators efforts and passion about that field, it got preserved, renovated and developed. Now Qartaj is teaming up with crafts actors in order to bring this domain to a new era,the IT era.

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