Cage of Sidi Bou Said decoration arabesques

Cage of Sidi Bou Said decoration arabesques
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The Sidi Bou Said birdcage is one of the most famous of Tunisian handicrafts; cages of Sidi Bou Said, which are completely handmade made of metal volutes a square wood basis, which are filled with C and shaped iron motives.It's very elegant and decorative, inspired in its decoration arabesques of wrought iron window (Zlabiya) adorning the facades of houses in the Medina and Sidi Bousaid.

- Cage Natural Wood
- Protective Coatings
- Dimensions: 0.72 * 0.42 cm
- Weight: 4,5kg
- Product handmade on Command
- Hedi Creations
- Material: Olive Wood is also Available
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