Dried Geranium, Fair Trade.

Dried Geranium, Fair Trade.

Add a distinctive flavor to your food with this Natural dried Geranuim, superior flavor for everyday cooking !!

- 100% organic & pure.

Geranium is a medicine plant that helps heal many diseases depending on different way of uses:

*Skin application: (bath, cold compress, massage), rosacea, dermatitis, joint pain, muscle pain, hemorrhoids, bacterial infection, viral infection, cutaneous mycosis, dry skin, wound, wrinkles, rheumatism, lymphatic stasis, venous stasis, menstruation disorder, verget, stretch marks.
*Respiratory route: (diffusion, inhalation, olfaction): Anxiety, difficult concentration, depression, mood, bacterial infection, viral infection, insomnia, nervousness, difficult sleep, stress.
*Internal use: (oral, rectal, vaginal): bacterial infection, viral infection, digestive mycosis, vaginal mycosis, digestive disorders

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