Tunisian High Quality Fresh Orange

Tunisian High Quality Fresh Orange
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Wholesale Tunisian Fresh Orange

The Tunisian production of citrus fruits lasts from October to May, providing fruits belonging to the various groups.
Group fair oranges without pips: Fair Maltese woman.
Group blood oranges without pip Maltese woman ½ Sanguine, Sakasli, Double fine, Tarocco.
Group blood oranges Tardive: Valencia Late, Maltese Balerin.
Group sweet oranges:Meski Ansli, Soft Maltese woman.
Group Navel oranges:Thompson Navel, Washington Navel, New Hall, Navelina, Navel Late, Lane Late.
Group clementines:Marisol, Caffin, Cassar, MA3, Hernandina.
Group tangerines:Tangerines commun run, Nova, Minneola, Fortune, Ortanique
Group lemons:Eureka, Lunari, Interdonato, Femminello, Monachello
Group pomelos:Marsh seedless, Ruby, Ruby Star.
Tunisia, is indeed, the first world exporter of Maltese Orange half blood.
-Fresh From The Grove
-100% All Natural
-Juicy and Delicious.
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