Organic ground Chamomile, Fair trade.

Organic ground Chamomile, Fair trade.

What about adding some craked Chamomile to your meal ? You are going to have a destinctive delicious dish ! In addition, Chamomile is a potent herb with wonderful healing benefits:

Internal use:

*Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties:Calms menstrual pains by increasing the fluidity of the blood.*Sedative properties and antidepressant action.

*Antispasmodic digestive and uterine; eupeptic; cholagogue; stimulant; bitter tonic; emmenagogue; sudorific; antianemic; dewormer; febrifuge.

*analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

External use
: Antinevralgic; ophthalmic problems (conjunctivitis and injuries); vulnerary.

- 100% organic & pure.

- Net Weight : 50 G.

- Each purchase supports Sejnan women.

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