Bio Organic myrtle leaf

Bio Organic myrtle leaf

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Dried myrtle leaves contain no colourants or preservatives. Myrtle can flavor any kind of meat ( lamb,chicken and pork..) .
It contains various antioxidants and flavonoid compounds and it's a good medicine:

-Digestive disorders: effective in case of constipation or diarrhea.
-Urinary disorders: diuretic effect
-Cough and cold: soothing
-Painkiller : joint pain, muscles and headache.
-Respiratory disorders: effective against disorders like bronchitis.
-Skin problems: relieves the pain of insects and animal bites and prevents crevices formation.
-Digestive problems (difficult digestion, bloating, flatulence), inflammation of the respiratory system, joint muscle or headache pain. Itchy skin or oral infection.

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