Ground Thyme, Fair trade, Mediterranean Thyme

Ground Thyme, Fair trade, Mediterranean Thyme

Wholesale Natural Products, Tunisian Products,Fair Trade,Organic gift.

Add a distinctive flavor to your food with this Natural dried ground thyme, superior flavor for everyday cooking !!

Thyme relieves many body aches depending on various way of uses:

*Enternal use: It rrelieves cough caused by bronchitis, whooping cough and inflammation or the upper respiratory tract, relieve minor digestive and gastrointestinal disorders.

*External use: It treats soral mucosal inflammation (stomatitis), bad breath ( halitosis), minor skin wounds and some other skin problems.

 *Existing forms: 

-Dried plants: sachet de 50g.

-Essential oil:  a bottle of 10 ml (There is also a bottle of 30ml).

-Hydrosol: a bottle of 1.

100% organic & pure.

- Each purchase supports Sejnan women.

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