Dried Thyme ,Fair trade,Mediterranean Thyme

Dried Thyme ,Fair trade,Mediterranean Thyme

Wholesale Natural Products, Tunisian Products,Fair Trade,Organic gift.

Natural dried thyme that makes your meal more delicious, superior flavor for everyday cooking!! It has also many positive effects and it relieves many body aches depending on various way of uses:

*Enternal use: It relieves cough caused by bronchitis, whooping cough and inflammation or the upper respiratory tract, relieve minor digestive and gastrointestinal disorders.

*External use: It treats soral mucosal inflammation (stomatitis), bad breath ( halitosis), minor skin wounds and some other skin problems.

 *Existing forms: 

-Dried plants: sachet de 50g.

-Essential oil:  a bottle of 10 ml (There is also a bottle of 30ml).

-Hydrosol: a bottle of 1.

100% organic & pure.

- Each purchase supports Sejnan women.

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