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Tunisian Sea Products Tunisia has always been a country of fishermen ; it holds a strategic position on the southern shore of the Mediterranean with a coastline of nearly 1300 km, it is unique through its opening on both its basins, the western one on the North and the oriental one on the East. Fishing has always been a major activity in Tunisia. The production volume of fishing and aquaculture reached 113 000 tons in 2015. Nearly 75% of exports are for EU markets. Sales increased by 9% in value in 2015, reaching nearly 285 million Dinars as opposed to 256 million Dinars in 2014. The main exports are cephalopods (octopus and cuttlefish), crustaceans (shrimps and prawns), seashells and fresh fish (mainly red Tuna) We export mainly to (Algeria, Gabon, Serbia, Iraq, Macedonia…) Seafood Exports in Tons : 15 498

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