Tunisian Olive Wood : It is a well-known fact that Tunisia is considered one of  the major olive-growing trees in the southern Mediterranean region. In addition, olive tree has a sacred value for Tunisians.

In fact, their great-great grandparents used to plant the olive trees, extract the oil from olives and use it for cooking or in traditional healing  since the birth of civilization. Olive trees are spread all over the country. Qartaj produces the best quality of olive wood items.

Qartaj makes sure that the olive wood items are made of tree trunks after pruning. The Tunisian olive wood extracted from the olive trees which are degenerated, aged and fruitless  for our beliefs in promoting a healthy ecosystem and for our strict policy against deforestation. We are eco-friendly social business.

Our company offer you lovely and practical olive wood handicrafts for daily use. For example, Qartaj produces items for kitchen such as rustic bowls, cutting board and honey dipper. This noble wood has a very unique color that varies from creamy or yellowish brown mixed with darker brown. The different tons of colors deepens with age.  

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