Blue Hand-woven Halfah Basket, Fair Trade

Blue Hand-woven Halfah Basket, Fair Trade
SKU: Q-hal-013

Wholesale Esparto Grass Products, Tunisian Handicrafts,Fair Trade,Organic gift.

Put this woven treasure to use as storage basket all over the home,from the bathroom and the bedroom to the kitchen, the study, the living room and the nursery.
- Handmade with Halfa grass ( Esparto Grass,Stipa tenaciSSima,alfa), which is hand crafted by local Tunisian artisans.
- Your purchase will help preserve this traditional craft.
- Size: Diameter : 25 cm , Height:15 cm.
- 100% Handwoven.
- Customised Size.
- Each purchase supports Tunisian artisans.
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