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Tunisian Rugs : Thinking about Aladdin and the magical carpet  tale, one may assume that the magical carpet must be a Tunisian one.

Indeed, just like Persian carpets telling the ancient history of Persia, Tunisian carpets are telling the history of the Berber or Amazigh as they preferred to be called. Importantly, Tunisian carpets are a witness of the rich  North African patrimony. There are different kinds of carpets depending on the regional speciality.

For example, the city of “kairouan” is very famous for its Tunisian carpet called ”Zarbiya”. “Zarbiya” is hand- knotted carpet that is produced largely. The carpets are known for their brightful colors and very detailed knotted patterns. “Zarbiya”  tends to have a very sophisticated and graceful designs knotted by the artisans. Moving to the South, specifically in “Jerid” area, which is known for knotting “Margoum”. “ Margoum” is known for its geometrical patterns and vibrant colors. “Margoum” is hand-knotted and flat (no pile). You can decorate your living room with “margoum”, attracting positive energy with its vibrant colors.

There is also another type of carpet, called “Klim” or "Kilim". “Klim” is also made of wool and hand-knotted. The patterns embedded in the “Klim” are Berber symbols such as fish and hands. Last but not least, there is another kind of rugs called ”Alloucha”. “Alloucha” usually comes with  appealing creamy colors such as beige and mocha colors with a thick pile. “Alloucha” is made of wool and works perfectly as a floor -carpet for winter’s cold days. It is worthy mentioning, that these different carpets are made of wool, cotton and silk and sometimes can be a mixture of these raw materials.

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