Ceramics & Olive Wood

Tunisian Ceramics : Qartaj offers you a wide range of authentic ceramics.  Across the country, the different ceramics are handmade and hand-painted. Nabeul is not only considered tourism capital, but also it is considered Tunisia’s ceramic capital. Qartaj offers reasonably priced ceramics.

The art of hand-painted art ceramics is influenced by the Andalusian style. The spiral ornaments in the ceramics are quite unique and not like any other kind of ceramics in the world. The prototypical ceramics of Nabeul offer you a variety of kitchen tools such as dishware, boards, bowls and tajines. Each piece of our various ceramic collection is crafted with care and finesse for our clients.

Our ceramics are not produced with machines. On the contrary, these exquisite pieces are made with very crafted hands of artisans, who pour their souls and their talents on each piece.

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