Women in censuses declare themselves "housewives", are in fact holders of knowledge and know-how manifested through true wealth-creating professions. These are artistic craftsmanship, useful craftsmanship, professions related to agriculture and processing of agricultural products. Multiple jobs which are not statistically elevated to visible occupations. These professions performed by women are based on a symbolic heritage of a local, regional, and even a national identity. However, these women and men farmers are scattered and isolated. They cooperate little and remain confined to the subsisting economy and to a narrow market mainly accessible on the occasion of the few fairs and exhibitions in which they can participate. Their products inspired by a rich heritage transforming a varied local products, often do not find the market sufficient enough for their sale and large production to eradicate the poverty of many localities. (Text of Mme Riadh Zghal Translated from French to English)

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