Colorful Bottle, Zagden Ceramics made in Tunisia

Colorful Bottle, Zagden Ceramics made in Tunisia
SKU: Q-CBZ-031-230

Wholesale Ceramics, Hand-Painted pottery from Tunisia

This lovely bottle is finely hand painted with delicate berber patterns, a mix of ceramic and olive wood, Ideal in a table, with colors which brings an oriental touch to your home. Handmade ceramic cruet set on a tray.

These are all hand made items made out of stoneware fired to 2165 degrees. I use terra sigilatta on these pieces to give them an interesting finish. Can be used for holding essential oils, perfume, etc.

- Size : 19 * 8 cm
- Volume : 600 ml
- Material: White ceramic
- Dishwasher and microwave safe.
- Guaranteed food product unleaded.
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