Large bowl of Sajnen - Tunisian handicrafts

Large bowl of Sajnen - Tunisian handicrafts
SKU: Q-SPH-5246

Sejnan Pottery, Tunisia Handicrafts products.

Elegant in its simplicity, this handmade and handpainted large bowl of Sajnen serves well as a lovely accent piece for the home. This bowl can be used for all kind of uses. it can be blended with other products of Sajnen range for originality and fun in your dining table.

- Pottery Handmade
- Made by Women Artisans
- Unique products

These Berber potteries are used as an accessory for home decoration. Every product possesses its proper signification; for example, some handicrafts symbolize fertility and happiness. The greenish areas prevail in the village of Sejnane. Women create original and unique handicrafts for centuries. The process of making these marvelous handicrafts goes back to the end of Mediterranean Bronze age.

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