Tea & Coffee Ceramic Nabeul hand painted Mugs/Cups

Tea & Coffee Ceramic Nabeul hand painted Mugs/Cups
SKU: Q-LCC-001-200

Wholesale Ceramics, Hand-Painted pottery from Tunisia

These two cups are perfect for hot and cold coffee and tea, so comfortable for hands too.

Look for Colors and design,this mixed patterns layers gives the table an extra pop

It’s great for home.

For centuries artisans on the Mediterranean coast of northern Tunisia have handcrafted beautiful glazed ceramics. The small coastal town of Nabeul, the heart of the region’s ceramic industry, is home to a modern ceramic studio that uses traditional materials and techniques to create the stunning pieces featured in National Geographic’s Tunisian Ceramics Collection.

- Material: White ceramic
- Dishwasher and microwave safe.
- Guaranteed food product unleaded.
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