Square dinnerware set Fragment Collection With beautiful Colors

Square dinnerware set Fragment Collection With beautiful Colors
SKU: Q-RSB-022-222

Ceramics, Hand-Painted pottery from Tunisia

The perfect shape for serving appetizers, cheese, mini cakes, taps or meals to be shared by two people. All your recipes will find a home on these two different format square trays. It is also ideal to show off your delicious plates: tartlets, chocolate fruit skewers, sushi and any other cuisine tasty recipes. These ceramics are practical and easy to use. Indeed, it can be used as a tray and a plate.

Yellow and Blue Mixed with White, it looks amazing! This hand painting Bowl ensures a safe food, with a Tunisian ceramic adapted to all occasions.

With 80% of its production destined to be exported to the United States, Europe, Canada, and Dubai, to name but a few, the company strives to constantly renew its creations in order to be in line with international trends and standards.

- Dishwasher and Microwave friendly. - 6 Large plates; 6 Deep plates; 6 bowls; 1 tureen - Handicraft Tunisia If you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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