Yellow handmade carpet Klim with jagged white stripes

Yellow handmade carpet Klim with jagged white stripes
SKU: YCK-014-213

It’s a unique vintage carpet , lovely and simple to decorate your room.

Size 140 * 200 cm 100 % Handmade

Made in Tunisia, our carpets are woven by hand to create a unique and casual work of art.

The term "Kilim" comes from the Persian word "Kilim". The Kilim is a flat carpet weaving tapestry. In Tunisia and Morocco, Kilim is commonly called "Klim". Kilim originates from the Middle East but spread throughout North Africa.

In Tunisia, Kilims are generally made by nomads in southern Tunisia. In fact, they are easy to carry and serve multiple purposes like camel litter, or as a carpet in the tent. Each tribe and each village use their own forms and techniques to make Kilims, which gives the Tunisian Kilim a lot of options.
Tunisian Kilims are thicker than Kilims found in the Middle East.

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